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How does it work?

Using the platform, you send photos of your coin to the Telegram channel All evaluation requests

If your appraisal request has appealed to appraisers, you will receive quotes to buy back your coin.

You will be notified about coin appraiser quotes by email.

You can delete your request at any time, just visit My evaluation request and follow the instructions or the system will delete your request automatically after 30 days.

If you are satisfied with the appraiser's offer and are ready to make a deal, simply respond to the offer with your message or phone call about your desire to sell the coin, and then the appraiser will offer you possible transaction options. Be aware of any risks that may arise! Rules, Privacy

You do not have to sell your coin or respond to offers from appraisers if you only want an appraisal of the coin.

The platform brings together coin appraisers and buyers from all over the world! Here you can get the market price of a coin from several experts at once without spending time to visit them.

Are you an expert in numismatics and want to appraise/buy coins?

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